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July 5, 2007

After reading ‘Don’t ask me to read your Holy Book’

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I don’t know why I suck so much for this kind of rather discouraging post or comment.

I agree with the author’s claim that Christians keep giving silly answers to very honest questions. Or worse, they give silly answers when there aren’t even questions. Like telling people to read the bible and they will believe in God, or God exists because the Bible said so.

Sure thing.

But reading the comments was mentally draining. I don’t know why I even bother. Mixed feelings, really. There was a twang of sadness (I don’t want to use pity – ‘who needs pity? I don’t want your sympathy’ – yes that was one response I got before from an atheist), there was disapproval at the bloggers’ attitudes, and, sadly, anger, however subtle.

Someone said, kudos to the author, it was a great post, yeah he (or she) understood what it meant when he voices something against Christianity and these Christians start giving all sorts of bible quotes.

Another referred to some other blog where this lady had similar things to write on and there was a flood of comments trying to ‘change her opinion’. Anyway our blogger was glad the comments from this lady showed that she didn’t really change her opinions after all that.

I don’t know where to start. So what do these atheist-agnostic people expect us to do? If you made a comment on our religion are we supposed to keep mum and pretend that nothing happened? What would logically happen when someone questioned your own dogmatic atheistic beliefs anyway?

I agree that submitting individual bible quotes won’t help much, but they cared. Perhaps in the wrong way, but they cared. Instead of just laugh, ‘oh, he’s going on about it again, shut up, so-and-so…’ Which, apparently, was something one atheist friend of mine used to experience. Made me bristle with anger.

And some other comment about how it seemed like a personal ranting… What I’m going to talk about wouldn’t be directed to those bloggers, in fact it doesn’t really concern them, but I kinda notice this amongst people who are skeptical about Christianity – they seem more concerned with ranting. Against whatever Christians have said to them that they don’t like, that they think is silly, and so on… But when we try to respond they push us down with scientific logic, and when we counter with something like ‘scientific knowledge is not able to prove everything’ they keep mum for a while, and then return by saying that Christians offer help when it wasn’t even sought, and it didn’t prove helpful anyway. It was misleading, fundamentalist and made them feel that Christians were just a bunch of people who mystically believed in something that couldn’t be proven, relied on giving the answer of Faith (‘just believe’) to everything that they couldn’t provide a rational answer to, and have an awful tendency to sweep Reason under the floor.

I feel inadequate and I know I do not have all the answers. After all, speaking from my Christian viewpoint, I am a mortal, I’m not God.

I don’t get the fascination with scientific enquiry and methodology as a way of proving everything though. Why is it that, if we understand God as an all-Supreme, He has to be proven? Can He be proven? And aren’t people who keep talking about using scientific methodology and the importance of analysing whether anything is reasonable also subjectively viewing the topic at hand? They side their Reason, their Science, their Logic…

To be fair to the atheists and agnostics out there, I really don’t know whether I seek a resolution, an answer as objectively as I wished non-believers do. I’m ranting, I suppose. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get this out of my system. Why is it that I keep hearing atheists attacking my beliefs but I seldom hear the Christian equivalent of it. I guess Christians try to live up to helping others, not fighting eye for eye, tooth for tooth. No that’s too nice a portrayal of them. I don’t know, I’m disillusioned. But why is it that I always hear rather moderate answers (whether they’re wanted or appreciated or not) from Christians to these atheist rantings. I’m just really tired.

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